Can Guys and Girls just be friends?

I absolutely think guys can be friends with girls without expecting the friendship to turn into something more. Bisexual people are attracted to both male and female genders but that doesn’t mean they want to date every single person they meet. Just because a straight guy is attracted to straight women doesn’t mean he’ll be attracted to his female friend. It’s a flawed logic to think guys and girls can’t be just friends.

I do think the more you get to know someone the more attached and attracted you become to them. You’ll relate to them and feel a connection, sometimes loneliness can muddle that up into romantic feelings. In fact other people in your lives will also start picturing the two of you as a couple. 

The influence of those around you will also muddle your thoughts. May you find yourself sometimes staring at your friend’s beauty? Yes. May you sometimes wonder if you guys would work out as a couple? Yes. These thoughts are probably inevitable. 

The catch is here that you don’t act on these thoughts. You know you two are good friends and you don’t really see yourself pursuing it. The thoughts pass and you continue on with your merry friendship. If this friendship was going to progress, it probably would have already by now.


  1. Great question.
    I guess everyone is different. Generally….the more time I spend with someone, the more we open up and share personal stuff with each other, the more trust and affection grows….the more likely we are tactile….the more likely there comes a moment when one starts to feel they want more than a friendship.


  2. “Bisexual people are attracted to both male and female genders but that doesn’t mean they want to date every single person they meet.” This is very true, but I don’t doubt some people may think otherwise.


  3. I think this is true. I have a lot of guy friends and it’s completely platonic 🙂 I think it just comes down to communication and honesty on both individuals 🙂


  4. Absolutely. I am deeply grateful for my males friends and they feel the same about me. It’s society that feeds the negative narrative that men and women an just be friends.


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