I am not looking for a savior

I don’t want nor need you to fix me

I only wish for your love to inspire me to see my own light

Then I can finally stop stitching my wounds up blindly

No longer feeling around in the darkness

Poking myself endlessly with the needle thread.

Once sew up, I will apply bandages as to not pick at healing scabs

You only need to apply soothing love and support.

I will save myself.


-Sept 2017


I Love That Smile

Chest to chest, cheek to cheek

I see that spark in your eye

that let’s me know you’re up to no good.

The corner of your lips hold a secret

that I want to coax out with the tip of my tongue.

Your fingers trace up my spine.

You taste so good I can’t help but sink

my teeth into you.

I look at the waves crashing

the shore and picture my hips rolling into yours.

When were together time gets measured in kisses

and there’s never enough of either.

-Aug 2017

Romance (A list of things you’ve done)

Kiss me overlooking the bay

Kiss me in the rain

Kiss my hand

My forehead

Open my car door

Whisper I missed you into my hair

Hold me tight

Ask about my family

Listen closely to my fears and insecurities

Spark passion into my future

Tenderly handle every piece of myself I hand to you

Love me

-Aug 2017

When I Say I Miss You…

I say I miss you

but it’s not exactly what I mean.

Yes I do miss the way the corner of your lips smile

and those ridiculous jokes you love telling

But I’ve begun to use those words as a placeholder.

I mean more than I miss you while you’re gone

My heart aches for you even while you stand right before me.

‘I love you’ is on the tip of my tongue

but fear holds a hand over my mouth

and I settle for ‘I miss you’ yet another time.

-Sept 2017

On My Mind

It’s hard to stay focused when there’s just one sentence

playing on loop in my mind.

I want to say it when the moment is just right

not in response to you or just another goodnight.

I don’t know why I keep choking it down

when you already told me what you would say.

We’re sitting on a bench watching the beautiful sun set

over the water and all I can think is

I love you

-Oct 2017