Debatably Dateable is 3 years old!

I’m so excited to celebrate another anniversary with Debatably Dateable! She’s quickly closing in on 5k followers and is consistently setting new records for monthly views this summer, so I couldn’t be prouder! Over the past 3 years, I’ve been able to produce about 500 posts and 2 poetry collections.

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Ddateable has been a great launching pad for my sophomore poetry collection Where I Ache and I thank you guys so much for all that support!!

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Where I Ache on Amazon and Goodreads


DD has expanded with dating advice, poet interviews, and writing and publication tips. My favorite article from the past 12 months is You Shouldn’t have to Love Yourself First because of all the discussion it fostered in the comments! My favorite poem would be Moving On and Moving Out, it’s an older piece but I enjoy how it’s held through time.

I’m exciting to explore more topics in the relationship and dating world as well as write and publish more poetry! I hope to continue to reach new audiences with my blog and my books! I’ll be updating you all on the progress of my third collection over this next year so make sure to always check in!


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Cracked Open 1 Year Old!

I can’t believe Cracked Open has been out for a year already!! I am shocked that any stranger took the time to review or purchase this collection and I am so, so grateful for it!   I hope Where I Ache will be greeted with this much love and more. But for now, I wanted to highlight some moments from Cracked Open’s First Year!! It’s also on sale for $5.99, so grab your copy now!

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Amazon Highlights!

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Goodreads Highlights!

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Instagram Highlights!