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how to come up with a Book marketing strategy

Marketing your book is tough business and your book’s success depends on your ability to get it right. I’m going to tell you how to implement a book marketing strategy using the 5 month timeline of my book release. Just a heads up, most research would suggest marketing 12-6 months out.


Beta Readers / Marketing Research

Early february – Beta readers play two important parts for an author. First, they are a fresh set of eyes that can find any last minute mistakes. They’re a great tool for marketing too since they’re your first focus group on your new project. Their initially feedback will help you learn how first time readers will interpret your book. This will help you decide how you will want to market your book and what you want to draw a reader’s attention to. You can ask beta readers (focus groups) specific questions that may be concerning you and they may bring to light questions you hadn’t considered.


Blog Tour

Mid march – Blog tours are a great marketing tool where different bloggers will reviews your book, interview you, or just share information about your book. Blog tours are a big scheduling task though so getting it organized early will save you a headache later. For my release, I’ll be contacting poet interviewers now and hopefully start the tour in early may and have it finish the week before the release date. Since I’m leaning towards interviewing, the more time I have to answer questions, the less stressful the marketing release process will be for me.



April – By Late February you have the feedback from your beta readers and you’ve made your final changes to the collection. Now you’re ready to send out ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) to book bloggers, fellow poets, and anyone else that will help market your book. Free ARCs are given to readers in exchange for their honest review of your book. If you’re selling on Amazon, it’s super important to have a lot of reviews close to your release date to boost your book in the rankings. The higher in the rankings you are, the more people will see your book and consider purchasing it.


More Frequent Posting

May – We’re 6 weeks out from release date and it’s time to pick up the marketing. This is when my blog tour starts, this is when you’re highlighting reviews that have been coming in due to your ARCs, and when you’re posting on all social medias so that everyone knows when and where to buy your book! Support and momentum are really important during the weeks surrounding your release date!



Release Date – June 10th! You’re book is officially released! Time to shout it to the world and celebrate!! You’ve just accomplished something super amazing! Continue to love on your book, but try not to drown your followers in too much noise. Congratulations and best of luck to your book!


ARC and Blog Tour of Where I Ache

Hi Everyone!!

Where I Ache will be released in less than 10 weeks!! I’m so so excited! I feel like this collection is really going measures beyond my first collection and I’m so Thrilled!!! I have a list going for anyone who wants to receive an eARC via email, if you would like to be added to this list, just email me at :


No worries about a follow count number or being part of a certain niche, if you’re interested, I’d love to get Where I Ache in front of your eyes! And I look forward to an honest review on Goodreads and/or Amazon. (Where I Ache’s link will be up by the time I send out ARCs in a couple of weeks).


I will also be having a blog tour for Where I Ache in May!! I’ve never done one before but I’m basically just doing Q&As on other blogs about the book, poetry, and writing in general. I hope that all goes well and if you’d like to be a host for one of the days feel free to get in touch with me as well! I appreciate all of the exposure Where I Ache can get!



eARCs being sent out in 2 or so weeks (mid April)

Blog Tour in May!

Where I Ache launching June 10th!


What Beta Readers Taught Me

Beta readers have been one of the greatest parts of my current publication process. Different readers catch different mistakes and have different opinions on specific questions I was asking.



First and most obvious, they caught all my grammatical errors, correct verb tenses, and classic mistakes like loose vs lose.



I decided to draw some doodles instead of commissioning an illustrator this time around. I am of course not a talented artist so I wanted to get some feedback on if they added anything to the collection or should just be deleted. The first few readers didn’t seem to be a big fan of the doodles and I waived on the decision. Then I received a review from someone who did like them and it just felt so right! I realized I wanted to keep them all along and was just waiting for 1 yes.


Being Bold

I was playing with bold and italics on the page this collection and wanted the beta readers’ input since I wasn’t sure how the audience would feel about it. Then I got a response that suggested keeping the italics but ditching the bold and honestly it was exactly how I felt as I was initially working on the collection. The bold felt forced and I was glad to cut down on them.

Honestly, beta readers helped me stay true to myself. Even with mixed reviews, my gut instantly recognized the decisions I felt were right.



This marketing period is much longer than my first publication and honestly it’s very scary. The wait makes me lose my nerve. But beta readers have offered me glowing support to boost my confidence.


I can’t thank my beta readers enough for their insight and for their help in making this next collection amazing!!


Poetry Beta Readers Wanted!

Hi Everyone!,

I have ‘completed’ my next poetry collection!! (Happy dance!!) Something I didn’t do with my first collection was consult with beta readers! I was quite embarrassed when weeks or months after my launch I was still finding some glaring grammar/ spelling errors.

Beta readers are such an important and useful tool for authors, especially self publishing authors who don’t have editors or a company press looking after their work. Authors are so deep into their writing that they can miss some key concerns. We need fresh eyes and a new perspective to help us see the light.

Some key things to know about my collection before becoming a beta readers:

  • There are about 100 poems.
  • Key themes: Jealousy, insecurity, depression, death, and strength. I understand these are sensitive topics that could be triggering for some so use your best judgment.
  • I’m hoping to have all the feedback I need by the end of February.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have an previous experience, neither do I!


If you are interested please email me and I’ll send over the pdf along with some questions where I’m looking to gain some insight, Thank you!