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Hey fellow bloggers!

I’m interested in reblogging any articles from any blogs that write about dating, poetry, or just some good old fashion life advice!

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I’ll be doing this all the way to the New Year !!

Edit 10/16: As of now every Wednesday will be a day dedicated to each blogger who has written in to me via comment or email and it’s in order of first come first serve. If more bloggers contact me then Fridays might also become a dedication day. Thanks everyone for making Project LoveFest a success, spread the love! ❤


Summer, Shining and Stolen

And I still think about you back when,

when you used to be my shining knight

Yes I still remember all those summer nights

Stolen kisses and secret stares

with you I forgot about all my cares

and I wonder if you still think about me too

do you remember everything we’ve been through


-April 2014

Our First Night Out

Baby your just one move away from making me love you

I don’t know what it is but I just love what you do

And youre looking so good from across the room

If you come closer I’ll play wife and you can play groom

There’s gotta be more to us than just tonight

theres more to life than just black and white

so color me with all your bright lights


-Nov 2013

Love the Artist not the Art

Im not a painting, a gallary, nor a mueseum.

My textures are not on for display, you do not have permission to touch.

My colors are not for you to stare and talk about.

I’m not something you visit or pass by.

Don’t delude yourself into thinking I’m something easy to leave

Only a fool loves something for the way it looks.

Do not love me for my Art but for the Artist behind the canvas.

The art changes as She continues to create more art

Love me and I will create beautiful art for you every day, forever.


-January 2017

Photo Credit

Halloween Costume 2016

Can anyone guess who I was for Halloween this year?!




And of course, a family photo from the rest of the Belcher family (minus Gene).


I’ll leave you all with a few of Tina’s most memorable lines! She’s one funny gal! Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween Weekend!

I could go on all day posting Tina quotes but I’ll exercise some self control and leave you all with this