Documentary Recommendations – Series 1 Fraud & Cover Ups

I’ve been watching a lot of Documentaries lately and I wanted to keep track so I was writing a list for myself and I figure why not share it. The thing is I don’t want to give away too much to other people who might want to watch these documentaries so these aren’t completed reviews.


Sour Grapes (Netflix) – Would Not Recommend

A young guy named Rudy sells fake wine and makes millions. It honestly sounds impressive until near the end when they dive into his family’s crime and wealth and you realize he’s the failed black sheep. Another interesting part is that some of his friends and people in the unique wine community still believe he couldn’t have committed this fraud.  


Fyre Festival (Netflix) – Would Not Recommend (but I know for the sake of pop culture you have to)

The fraud of Billy McFarland and Ja Rule regarding the fake/failed island fyre music festival. Ja Rule seems to be escaping unharmed while the models and influencers are under fire for not stating they were in an ad. I think they had about as much knowledge as the fyre app development team did, which is 0. The stress and injustice for the workers bled out to the viewers. I wasn’t into the documentary enough to watch Hulu’s version and don’t really get the hype for these two docs. The most interesting part about it was that while Billy was out on bail he was trying to scheme AGAIN!


All the Queen’s Horses (Netflix) – Would Recommend

Rita Crundwell steals $53 million from the city of Dixon, IL. This was strictly a one woman job and it was impressive! The stats and graphs they show make it simple for us non accountants to understand. There are a few differences from Rita and how other embezzlers act while committing this crime and it was very interesting to me.


Stink (Netflix) – Would Not Recommend – kind of a DNF(did not finish).

This is about a dad trying to find out what chemicals are made in his young daughters’ clothes. The clothes were from the company Justice and this dad confronts the CEO. I honestly skipped around on this one because it wasn’t interesting me enough. From the parts I saw, it seemed like he was trying to make a connection to these chemicals and the cancer his wife had. The Devil We Know is much, much better.


The Devil We Know (Netflix) – Would Recommend

Devil dives into DuPont’s responsibility in the health risks of their teflon products. The doc touches on specific people affected and their stories as well as widening the scope to see how far it’s deadly consequences have reached. It’s terrifying and tragic how harmful and deadly telfon is and how companies like DuPont would rather death over profit loss.