Tequila on the Line

well it’s been a rough week

and I’m rather thirsty tonight

so I’m gunna call up my girls

and we’ll tear up the night

I didn’t call to say I missed you

I didn’t call to say I love you

I don’t want you back

I don’t want your body lying next to mine

no I didn’t call you up

It was tequila on the line

But what I do have to say to you is

I hope you’re hurting like hell

With the town gossip saying ‘he isn’t doing so well’

I hope you’re ready to come back begging on your knees

Because you can’t stand another sleepless night with me in your life

And I hope tequila calls me up tonight sayin

I called to say I missed you

I called to say I love you

I want you back

I want your body lying next to mine

It’s me on the line

-March 2014


One More Time

I dream of you and try to find where everything went wrong

But that doesn’t put the pieces of my heart back where they belong

Baby can’t we go back to when you couldn’t get enough of me

and my hands never stopped navigating the freckles of your skin


Do you remember all those words you whispered into my sheets

Have you found someone new to keep you warm at night

I miss listening to the sound of you breathing as we sleep

And I just want your hand to find mine in the darkness one more time

Let me run my fingers through your hair

and I’ll promise not to miss you when the sun shines in the morning air


-July 2013