The Aftermath

It’s like I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop

Waiting for you to break my heart again

Feeling like I’m paranoid but I cant stop asking questions

they always lead to answers I don’t like.


What are you doing to me?

Do you know the precious love you hold in your hands

Or are you carelessly letting it slip through your fingers


-May 2018

The Head Aches

My head hurts all the time

And sometimes there’s this dull

shoving at my forehead.

I can’t seem to gain control of my emotions

Every morning I wonder what dark room I’ll step into next

I don’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed

I’ve rolled off the cliff and hit the hardwood floor.

I told the Doctor but he couldn’t hear me

Over his preformed opinions.

Or maybe I’m just too stubborn to listen today


Forest Fire

You talk about her and it lights a forest fire of destruction in my heart

my immediate reaction is to mention him so you might feel a lick of the pain I’m in.

It doesn’t make it any better when you speak ill of her

with so much emotion in your voice, i can still feel her claws deep in you

Am I that deep in you yet?

Will you ever be able to forget me?

Can I replace her in your heart?