You’re my Favorite Season

Spring was always my favorite season

The warm sunshine on my face

after so many dark and cold days

The vibrant greens, pinks, and yellows

instead of that stark, blank white.

But then I met you in August

And now I have summer nights walking the boardwalk

Kisses in the sunsets

Feeling light with the music playing

on the radio and the windows rolled down

Summer is now my favorite season

And it’s all because I met you.
-September 2018

Weeping Hurricane

I’m sorry this is how your life story ends

You cried easily this year

When she showed you her wedding dress you cried

And when i showed you this book, the tears fell again.

The clouds were nice enough to cry the day after you passed.

I wonder if there’s a part of you that’s happy

When you see the wet cheeks of those who love you.

And I wonder if you feel ashamed for feeling that way.
-September 2018

Dead Branches

These thoughts rotting inside my head are not my own

I know that and yet I cannot stop thinking them.

I’m sorry it’s not just the two of us in this relationship.

Thank you for being patient and kind

the gentle hand to soothe my worries away.

Even as I sway, I always stay rooted in you.

And I will cut the dead branches that weigh us down.


A trail of tears down my skin

Scars littering my soul

My body aching with exhaustion

You may think I’m weak

But I haven’t lost this war yet

I don’t fear the dark

Because some of it lives inside of me

It’s the mornings that are hard to face.

Every morning is a new obstacle to face

But every morning I must try again

Everything You Are to Me

You are the sunshine on my face

the day after another April shower.

You are the lighthouse

guiding me home in the roughest waters.

You are the gorgeous mountain ridge

that takes my breathe away every sunset.

You are the galaxy swirling in the midnight sky

that floods my heart with childlike wonder.

I was searching blindly until you shed your light on me.

You are every minute that makes this life worth living.

You are my happiness, my comfort, my heart.

-Nov 2017


It’s going to hurt

you’ll lose more often than you’ll win.

My feet are torn and aching from all the traveling

it’s a long journey trying to undo all that life hurls at you.

So rest your head on the soft bed of grass tonight

And tomorrow you may wake up to smell the fresh meadows in the sunlight