The Shoreline and You

We walk along the shoreline

I pick up seashells looking for the perfect one.

I tell you I’m looking for the prettiest one

But really I just want another memento

to remember you by

when I’m alone in my room

late at night and in need

of an extra little piece of you.

-Sept 2017

You Asked If I’d Ever Live in a Lighthouse

I worry that my eagerness might scare you away

that I’ll jinx us by believing in a future so blindly

or play the fool once again, falling alone

ignoring any rough waters saying I should have known

better by now, but I’m willing to make a deal.

I’ll be a fool for you if you’ll be the same for me

Trust in me, and us, to expose every depth of you.

Swim in me and my waves of acceptance will gently carry you.

I will let your light explore every darkness I fear lurks within me.

I’ll be home to you and you’ll be home to me.

-Sept 2017

Ocean Blues and You

I have responsibilities and chores to do

but my mind keeps bringing me back to you

like the ocean always returning to the shore.

You come over and lie in my bed,

vulnerable only when you choose.

Experience has taught you, you cannot be kept safe

under anyone’s care but your own.

You leave before the Midnight Moon or I can tuck you in.


I have a tendency to run from arms that are stretched open

for me. A tendency to think when people take

an interest in me, they only mean to pry me open with an oyster knife and leave

me empty. Your past has taught you that anyone can leave if they want to try.

So you don’t pry and you don’t ask why, but you always stay


Yet still, we keep each other at an oar’s length distance,

afraid that our pasts will crash against our lifeboats once more.

Topaz worries and indigo insecurities make me heavy and drag me down to drown.

Sand isn’t stable ground to rely on, but even concrete can crack.

We all have flaws and if you think too long, all you will notice is what we lack.

I don’t know much, but I know I want to go swimming with you.


-November 2015