I Love That Smile

Chest to chest, cheek to cheek

I see that spark in your eye

that let’s me know you’re up to no good.

The corner of your lips hold a secret

that I want to coax out with the tip of my tongue.

Your fingers trace up my spine.

You taste so good I can’t help but sink

my teeth into you.

I look at the waves crashing

the shore and picture my hips rolling into yours.

When were together time gets measured in kisses

and there’s never enough of either.

-Aug 2017


Romance (A list of things you’ve done)

Kiss me overlooking the bay

Kiss me in the rain

Kiss my hand

My forehead

Open my car door

Whisper I missed you into my hair

Hold me tight

Ask about my family

Listen closely to my fears and insecurities

Spark passion into my future

Tenderly handle every piece of myself I hand to you

Love me

-Aug 2017

When I Say I Miss You…

I say I miss you

but it’s not exactly what I mean.

Yes I do miss the way the corner of your lips smile

and those ridiculous jokes you love telling

But I’ve begun to use those words as a placeholder.

I mean more than I miss you while you’re gone

My heart aches for you even while you stand right before me.

‘I love you’ is on the tip of my tongue

but fear holds a hand over my mouth

and I settle for ‘I miss you’ yet another time.

-Sept 2017

You Asked If I’d Ever Live in a Lighthouse

I worry that my eagerness might scare you away

that I’ll jinx us by believing in a future so blindly

or play the fool once again, falling alone

ignoring any rough waters saying I should have known

better by now, but I’m willing to make a deal.

I’ll be a fool for you if you’ll be the same for me

Trust in me, and us, to expose every depth of you.

Swim in me and my waves of acceptance will gently carry you.

I will let your light explore every darkness I fear lurks within me.

I’ll be home to you and you’ll be home to me.

-Sept 2017