New Poetry Collection coming out this June!

My second poetry collection Where I Ache will be published June 10th!!!!!


June 10th

June 10th

June 10th

June 10th

June 10th


This collection is broken up into six chapters ranging from themes such as jealousy, depression, grief, and strength. These are delicate subjects to talk about and most people avoid them because of the uncomfortable vulnerability. I’ve always written and shared my poetry with the hope that readers would relate, feel less alone, and more normal.

Sensitive subjects such as depression can really alienate people, make them feel like they’re different or a freak in some way, and like they have to suffer alone. I hope this collection will help those realize that others are going through this too and they don’t have to endure this burden on their own. In similar vein, I hope the topics of insecurity and grief will offer a lifeline to such isolating feelings and thoughts.

I am also very excited to progress as a poet and share a collection that does not solely focus on romantic love. Love collections aren’t highly respected by parts of the writing community so I look forward to sharing this new material and show my depth as a writer. I also believe the topics I’m writing about could use more spotlight in today’s society. Of course, a cornerstone of my poetry is love, so relationships will make their appearance in this collection as well.


Timeline of this collection:

Organizing Poems: September

-deciding which poems go together in a theme. seeing what other themes go together to create different chapters for a collection, working through chapter title names.

Writing new material: September – December

-finding the gaps where more poems are needed to fill a chapter and what chapters are lacking exclusive poems.

Editing: December – January

-arranging poems in an order that will display nicely on book pages, cutting out poems that no longer fit the book’s theme, formatting drawings on a page

Reviewing: January – February 

-sending out ARCs to beta readers for review, reviewing potential edits, ordering proofs

Promoting: March – June 10th!!!!

-sending out ARCs to book bloggers and setting blog tour, social media posts, blog articles, book photography, preorders and info links


From organizing my collection, I figured out where the holes in my collection were and what I needed to work on adding. I knew I wanted to build from my first collection so I made sure to add double the amount of exclusive poems from Cracked Open and overall, produce a longer collection.

When publishing my first collection, I realized some errors and included beta readers as part of my process for this collection. Marketing is extremely difficult as an indie author and I will definitely have to dedicate a lot of time and effort on marketing this new collection.

There will be a cover reveal on the 13th so make sure you don’t miss it!

I truly want to thank all of my supporters on here, without you Cracked Open would have never been born and Where I Ache would never have crossed my mine.

Interview with Poet Christopher Perry – Installment 2

Christopher has three poems published in a NYC publication of short love poems that have been translated into Farsi with the translation being printed alongside the original English. He’s such a dedicated writer and he has plenty of knowledge to share with you so let’s hop into this interview! And for more of Chris’s work, you can find his blog here).

I see you have a section on your website dedicated to Haikus. What made you fall in love with the form? Do you prefer strict form or free verse?

Writing haiku is at first glance a simple task, a bit like following a yoga routine every morning to set your mind right for the day ahead. Like a yoga session it is a challenge to focus the mind on the form. I do love writing haiku; particularly the discipline required to utilise the 17 syllables in such a way that there is a twist in the images being created in so few words. It is a test of vocabulary and phrasing to produce maximum effect. It also teaches you to struggle with word choices and word order to get maximum value within the box.

I work particularly hard to form a three word phrase from the first words of each of the three lines that make sense if taken alone. It is very satisfying to do this when the phrase adds to the moral of the 17 syllable form and a real hit when the first words
of each line and the last words of each line can be written to create this effect. A friend of mine has called this form of haiku the Haiku-o (Haiku-tail). It is like a word suduko and hours can disappear working at such a puzzle.

With regard to free verse or strict form I feel that free verse is great for drafting longer poetic ideas. However, when redrafting I consider whether specific word choices, or the number of lines used and the stanza lengths can be drawn into a pattern of some form, but this rarely ends up in a strict form of poetry.


I really enjoyed reading your poems in the NYC publication, how did it feel to have your work in front of such an audience?

Thank you for saying that you enjoyed reading the three short love poems published in Persian Sugar in English Tea – Volume 3. These were my first published poems and from my first ever submission. I thought that getting poetry published was easy when I got the acknowledgement, but then I was reminded that I had not submitted enough work yet to make such a judgement!

Now I am very grateful to have had something published, particularly about love, a subject that every poet on earth writes about. Possible Side Effects was written in 2008 and had only previously been shared with the person it was written for, so it was good to see it out there. In the Garden had led to my selection as poet of the day in the NaPoWriMo (National Write A Poem A Day Month – now a global writing challenge) in April 2018.

That was written on April 5th and selected over-night for that honour. Again, it was very flattering to see recognition of a spontaneous love poem in hard print. The third poem True Love was written on my birthday last year as a gift to my best friend, so she was thrilled to see it published, which made me very happy too.


A fair amount of the poems on your blog are inspired by Nature, what else inspires your writing?

The inspiration for all of my writing is movement and change. I am always (we all are) on the move and life is movement as nothing stays the same forever.

It is easy to be critical of change and to hold nostalgic feelings for the way things were. It is equally possible to presume today is an improvement on yesterday and that tomorrow will be better still.

As I travel through life I try to keep my eyes and ears open and write about what is happening around me and make connections with things I have seen and learnt. I am outside a lot which brings me closer to nature and the nature of people – the staples of poetry writing.


What made you take to writing seriously in later life?

When I was younger the stories of Graham Greene held my imagination and inspired me to think that I might have something to write about. I then spent my time getting an education, chasing a career, paying a mortgage, raising a family and spending 15 years teaching in a large secondary school. I was quite busy and always thought that I would like to be a writer when I get the chance, whenever that might have been.

I always write travel journals during holidays and started one or two page-a-day diaries, but never took it seriously until I attended a poetry reading at Books Books Books, (the English bookshop in Lausanne run by Matthew Wake). The reading was organised by the Geneva Writers’ Group. There I was told by one of the organisers that I should stop saying I would like to write and start calling myself a writer. As in a haiku, changing the words a little can have a huge impact. This was the moment I became a serious writer.


Which poets have influenced your writing?

When I consider my literary education I remember specific moments of insight that came from reading Pike by Ted Hughes, hearing a class-mate reading The Day My Pad Went Mad by Dr. John Cooper-Clarke and To His Coy Mistress by John Donne. All very different and all equally inspiring. I think that I was very lucky to have been born at a time when the Beat Poets had laid down a new pathway for poetry.

The greatest influence of all has been the lyrics of Bob Dylan. His story-telling captured in his album Blood on the Tracks is the ultimate poetic trip for me. It is not just what he says, but what he leaves out that allows the listener to fill gaps with his, or her own pictures that I find so brilliant.

It is impossible to tell how much one is influenced by individual writers. Every poet tries to speak with an original voice, so I just hope that what I write is distinctive enough to be worth the reader’s attention and gives some pleasure.


Why is writing important to you?

What a difficult question! I think that writing helps me make sense of the world I inhabit. Writing is a way of engaging with others. Writing is also an entertainment for me that costs nothing, which when done well, can also give pleasure to others. For example, I get a particular buzz from taking part in poetry open mic sessions. Finally writing is important because I am not passing through life passively, but taking part in life.

2018 recap and 2019 goals

I cannot believe another year has passed!? What’s the deal with time passing faster as you get older? 2018 has been a really eventful year for me in the writing world! Debatably Dateable went self hosted in April, my debut poetry collection Cracked Open was also released in April!

Goals for the first six months of 2019

Goals have to be measurable in order to know if you’ve reached them or not. Although I’m not happy to focus so heavily on numbers, it is an easy way to measure a goal. My goal is to increase my audience and have a successful poetry career. These numbers will help me keep track of those goals.


The Blog

Work on writing a media kit

Contact companies for sponsorship (and actually get one!)

Gain another 1,000 followers


Cracked Open

Between GoodReads and Amazon, have 20 reviews

Get 25 more books sold


Social Media

Twitter – gain 2,000 followers

Instagram– gain 1,000 followers 


Next Poetry Collection

I want to add 50 exclusive poems to my next collection before I work on publishing it

Have 10 reviews before release date

Sell twice as many as Cracked Open (over the course of the year)


Because I don’t want to solely focus on numbers, here are some


Non numerical goals:

Connect with new readers who resonate with my poetry.

Have my poetry help someone through a difficult time.

Have a company see value in my writing.

Keep a healthy number of articles in queue.


End of the Year Goals

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving in the US! 2018 has just a little over a month left! I can’t believe it’s nearly the start of a new year already! My blog has taken a back seat in my life lately but I want to set some goals to make sure I stay motivated in these final weeks of 2018. Here are some of my goals.


Blog/Writing specific:

  1. End the year strong by not having an empty queue or falling behind on my publishing schedule.

     2. Have the final monthly advice column installment completed and in queue.

     3. Have leads for next year’s special installment series (excited to share with you guys       what it is!!!).

     4. Continue the uphill rise in monthly blog views.

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 8.11.06 PM.png

     5. 150 more followers for each of Twitter , blog, and Instagram

6. Produce new content on Instagram (realllllly slacked on this the past few months)

7. Enter editing stage of my next poetry collection (SOOOO EXCITED to tell you all more about it soon!)

8. Promote Cracked Open more and in new places (also really slacked here :/ )

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 8.54.22 PM



Decide if I’m going back to school or not.

Figure out next job for the new year.

Execute next year’s living plans.



What are your goals before 2018 ends? Write some in the comments!


Cracked Open- Poems by Megan O Keeffe

Reblog from Don Jimmy Reviews ! And Twitter link Thank you so much for the support!!!



Today I am delighted to bring you some excerpts from “Cracked Open” a collection of poems by Megan O’ Keeffe. Have a gander below. Megan can normally be found on twitter @DDateable or on her website

About the author

Author Image

Up and coming Poet, Megan OKeeffe has been writing poetry for the last decade and has made the leap to publish her first collection. The love and support Meg received from her blog Debatably Dateable encouraged her to make this next step in her writing career. When she’s not writing, Meg is binging Brooklyn 99 or walking her dog Maverick. You may spot her touring the newest spot on Long Island with her sisters and boyfriends.



About the book

Cracked Open is a down to earth and vulnerable journey following the human heart as it searches for love. This collection cracks the reader’s chest wide open and nourishes the heart it touches. Rising author Megan O’Keeffe offers a raw and open narrative to pull you into every poem and emotion. Divided into five chapters, this debut book also features twenty never before seen poems as well as fresh illustrations to create a complete experience for its audience.

The Extracts

Poem Excerpt4Poem Excerpt3Poem Excerpt2Poem Excerpt

Like what you see?

Order it now – Amazon UK

DD is Two Years Old!!

Another birthday has come for dear DD so naturally a Q&A is in order. This blog is hard to stay on top of sometimes but its so worth it with every comment I get to read from each of you and connecting us in this mess of a dating world ❤


  1. What’s your biggest accomplishment in your blogger journey so far ?

By far the biggest has been turning the poetry portion of my blog into a book earlier this year! I’ve thought about publishing a poetry collection for the past few years but thought it would happen much later in life or just be a pipedream that never came to be. So the fact that I am a published poet by the time I turned 24 is nearly unimaginable for me and super super exciting! And then the fact that strangers and people around the world have been supporting my book is more than I could have ever hoped! So Thank You so much for giving me that joy!


  1. Do you have any future book/collections planned?

I definitely do, before pulling together Cracked Open, I cataloged all of my poems and found other similar themes that can be the foundation for my next collection. I also have plans for publishing a different type of book but I’ll fill everyone in when that is more developed.


  1. Favorite post you wrote in your second year?

My favorite post from the past blogging year is Modern Online Dating Etiquette. I like posts that have lists and touch on each item which I think this post does. My blog also originated from modern dating and the mayhem it brings and I like to give advice to help others whenever I can.

Do you have a favorite article of mine?


  1. How different was your life one year ago?

Last August I was unemployed so it’s fantastic news that I’ve been working for the same company the past 10 months!! I was also just meeting my current boyfriend at the time so it’s pretty crazy to be at our 1 year already. Even now we talk about how unexpecting that first date was 🙂 So in the past year I’ve gained my first long term relationship and long term job! On a personal level I think I’ve been standing up for myself more in the past year. I establish boundaries and I go after what I want now – I’m a bit braver.


  1. What keeps you motivated when blogging?

You know when I was debating going self hosting it actually created a lot of doubt for me – it was a big step, I was making an investment, and I feared failure. It made me forget why I had started blogging in the first place and I ended up taking a month off. In that month I learned that I could never stop writing and I learned to set realistic expectations for where I want to take my blog. Remembering why you started and envisioning your dream are great ways to stay motivated! I also enjoy reading other blogs, seeing their happiness, and their own blogger journey.  


  1. Who were you in a different life?

I hope I was a talented artist, either in an entertainment setting or a sculptor / painter whom was often featured in galleries. I hope there was a time when I had so much creative talent that I was able to have a successful career.   


  1. What’s something on your bucket list?

I definitely think I want to see the northern lights. I find cenotes really cool and would love to swim in some. I’d also love to eventually have a poetry book in stores and on some best seller list.


  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully advancing in my career and in the process of buying a house if I’m lucky. Definitely want to be in a long term relationship with wedding bells heavily in mind. Also would be great if I had a second dog! And would definitely love to have a few more poetry collections published! I wonder if the blog will still be a focus for me?


  1. Have you ever wanted to write/publish an article/poem but didn’t because of who might read it?

Indeed I have, I want to show readers that relationships aren’t perfect. I think social media really plays a part in portraying relationships as always perfect and amazing and that makes you feel worse about your relationship. I wanted to portray a real and honest view of relationships. But I’m not the only one in this relationship and I need to be mindful that some things should stay within a relationship. There are also people in my life that read this blog and I try to maintain an appropriate line in that area as well.


Big Announcement!

I’m SUPERRRRRR excited to be telling you all that I’m working on my


It’s something I’ve been contemplating for many months and finally in January I decided I was going to actually go for it this time! I love poetry but I never expected I’d be on this path so you’re all surprised as I am. I’m nervous about it all but I know I just have to  take the jump and face the unknown.

The book will be a 5 chapter journey of love and heartbreak. I’ll be incorporating 20 never before seen poems as well as new illustrations throughout the book!! I expect the book to be just over 100 pages and I am beyond excited for you to see it all! I’ll be self publishing and you can definitely expect some articles on my experience there.

I’m so happy to be sharing this passion project with all of you and will be updating you all along the way! Expect to get your hands on a copy THIS SUMMER!!! I’ll have more information and links as that time approaches.