I don’t know where you go 

when you’re away from me.

One minute you’re here 

and the next 

there’s a mile wide wall between us 

built with pebbles and stones 

of misplaced anger and insecurity.

I test the wall’s strength with jokes

and try to chip away at the concrete with

sweet words and a reassuring hand.

Days when your world’s on a tilt

I take it all so personally

Can’t seem to let the wrong words go

I just want to stay in bed all day

Shut the blinds and close out the world

Call in sick to work

Think about texting my selfish ex.

I’m just having one of those days

where I’m grinding my teeth

just to make it through.


– July 2019

Silence Screams

Bright, shining words

tumble off your tongue.

A bold scholar of words

I never saw this drought coming.

It’s the angry, dark words you lock away

and I’m not sure where the key hides.

Scream, fight, yell, I could handle your passion

if you let me fix my wrongdoings.

It’s your silence that will suffocate me

with fearful hands that I’ve hurt you beyond repair.

-Sept 2017