Documentary Recommendations – Series 2 Abductions & Abuse

The recommendations continue! These topics can be triggering so please leave this page as soon as you feel the need to. Hopefully I don’t give too much away for the ones I am recommending.


Abducted in Plain Sight (Netflix) – Would Not Recommend

Plain Sight is the story of a girl who gets taken by her neighbor, not once but TWICE. This doc will just make you angry. Angry at Jan’s parents for continuously putting her in danger. Angry at B for taking advantage of this young girl for so so many years. Just when you think people in this doc can’t get any dumber, they do. All of Jan’s suffering and abuse could have been prevented but people just kept putting their own needs above her safety. I honestly don’t know how she is able to forgive her parents.


Natascha Kampusch: The Whole Story (Netflix) – Would Not Recommend.

Natascha is abducted on her walk to school one more and subsequently spends the next 8 and a half years captive. This one has subtitles as Natascha is Viennese and it’s short (50 minutes) which is why I finished it. I’m not sure if it was the subtitles or the lack of specific details because I didn’t become intensely invested. ALSO, she could have been home within 5 days, watch the first half to find out why.


Behind Closed Doors (Netflix) – Would Recommend

Behind Closed Doors is a british film following the story of 3 women fighting domestic violence. It is incredible interesting to see all the complicated emotions that they go through and just how deep these wounds go. From an outside perspective, domestic abuse seems so straightforward – if they hit you, you leave. But love is irrational and there is no reasoning with that primitive emotion. These women are all incredibly strong for fighting these men through the court system and for battling with their own complex feelings daily.


I am Jane Doe (Netflix) – Would Recommend

Jane Doe follows 3 young teenage girls who were abducted and sold into sex trafficking. These stories are told by the girls that have been able to return home and their mothers. Viewers see how this tragic abuse has affected their lives, relationships, and all around household attitude. The documentary spends a lot of time on the court cases the girls are fighting for, all centered against the company, Backpages. This is not the first documentary on sex work I’ve seen to involve Backpages. For this particular documentary, the focus was on Backpages’ regulations for users to write personal ads, suggesting that Backpages helps pimps to run their business through this site. Watch Jane Doe to see some of the verdicts.


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