I’m on Youtube!

It seems there’s no better time than quarantine to start a Youtube channel! It’s something casual I’m doing just for fun, I don’t expect to frequently post and when quarantine ends, I might not have time for it anymore.

It’s a new platform for me and I’m not used to being in front of the camera so its an adjustment for me. I’m happy to push out of my comfort zone though and work on my confidence. I hope to stick with this project for a bit and provide some entertaining content!

So check out my channel and let me know what you think!

Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 11.14.00 AM


  1. subscribed to your blog. confidence certainly shines. it’s a good angle and platform to use while being in quarantine. it’s one thing to self isolate on your own terms. it’s another thing when it comes to covid. live in a mid-sized city – so, i’m like, well, i don’t want to go this place or that place. have a good day.


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