10 Fun And Inexpensive Date Ideas

It’s the First Day of Project LoveFest and it’s dedicated to Emily at TeaAddictsAnonymous!! Come read her article on fun date ideas! I’ll be rebloging more of her articles as the day goes on so don’t miss out!

Tea Addicts Anonymous

Dating is a pretty vital part of a relationship.  Whether it is starting off a relationship on a blind date or dating your husband or wife of 25 years, dates are important to get to know somebody and keep up a healthy relationship.  It is a time to go out (or stay in, for that matter), not worry about the little issues of life, and just enjoy the presence of your partner.

Some pretty standard dates are dinner, coffee (or tea), and movie dates.  In my relationship, we have resolved to keep things fun with other types of dates.  We typically pair a fun activity with lunch or dinner (or sometimes breakfast if I am lucky, since he is not a breakfast person).  As college students, we are on pretty tight budgets, so we try to keep our dates relatively inexpensive.


Inexpensive Date Ideas

Here is a list of…

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