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All Things Pale

This is a word I know all too well. But, surprisingly I am still here; living, breathing, laughing, crying, yet each time as cliche as it sounds I am stronger. Stronger than ever. Forever a student taking my lessons in life. Some more difficult than others, but you know what? If I have made it this far I am built with something powerful, we all are, even you.

I know right now you’re feeling overwhelmed, lost, confused, looking for answers that you know even if you found them, that deep down you would still feel empty, I promise you this. But the answer is to not fill this emptiness with the answers that we think we are looking for, or to dwell on the past and hope you did things differently. Instead put your trust in the greater plan and accept that you cannot control everything and who would want…

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The Feels

All Things Pale

Letting out into the open your feelings isn’t such a bad idea. Frightening yes, but in actuality we are more frightened of ourselves than others. Strange right? We’ve known ourselves our whole lives yet we are still afraid to admit things to ourselves. How ironic? I mean seriously what can we do if we did admit such feelings? We can’t run away from ourselves can we?

In nature we are actually quite amusing, we build things to such importance on a daily basis. Things that don’t and shouldn’t really matter. I could be all hippie and tell you to be one with yourself but in actuality who even knows how to practice that sort of information?

Truth is these are lessons you learn as life goes by. I wish there was a faster course trust me I do. But it all comes down to timing and honesty.

Just don’t be…

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All Things Pale

It was once said to me that as people we should be the best we can be. The smartest, kindest, as considerate as needed. But then harsh and firm when displeased.

Almost like you can build your character, and none of it really matters as long as the traits are in moderation. No one takes into account the feelings and situations. That make a person who they are and shapes them by different relations.

From an early age we are taught how to love, be brave and how to deal with pain.

Man is made of clay and is so easily molded, yet we place expectations on ourselves that can’t be supported. We offer forgiveness to each other but not to ourselves. As if what we do is a grave sin. Mistakes are bound to happen, regrets and so on, why do you make it seem so wrong? Be the…

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Secret #1 #onlinedating #awkwardmoment 

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Last year I broke up with my ex boyfriend. Things weren’t always beautiful in our relationship we found ourselves arguing more and more every day. I finally decided to call it a quit and moved out and lived with a friend. I found myself reborn again like I felt few kilos off my chest, I could finally breath in and enjoy the air I inhaled. I enjoyed being single and did not crave for any man’s attention for the first time ever. I realised how much I actually loved myself. I looked into the mirror each day as I apply my makeup and seriously fell in love with myself again. I was actually happy that my mind was finally free. #singlelady

Few weeks later I met up with my girlfriend for dinner in Sydney Darling Habour. We laughed as we shared our relationship failure stories, she then told me about…

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The Break Up Journal: The last day (part I)

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Girl Rebuilt

October 9 (Thursday morning) So, I talked to my mother early yesterday and she was just going to go into work. I said to her, you know what, I want to go to the hospital to see Uncle D. She said, “would you like me to go too?” I said yes. Then I said, “Let’s get Mikie and Tim too.” And so, in the early afternoon as my mom and I waited for our little family to gather together so we could all go visit Uncle D, my aunt called. “That’s it,” she said. “He’s passed.

Once my brothers arrived we were all in tears. We decided to collectively go to the hospital anyway. Sometimes it’s just better to keep moving. When we arrived there was no one. The room was already being sanitized. Ready for the next sick and dying human. Ready for the next grieving family. In a…

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Dear Lovely: Fear of Commitment

Girl Rebuilt

Got a question? Need advice? Ask Lovely @ girlrebuilt@gmail.com

I get many letters every month asking for my personal advice. I thought I’d start sharing them.  Disclaimer:  I’m not a therapist. I have no professional titles. But I do have one thing a lot of pros don’t. At least 10,000 hours devoted to really bad relationships that I somehow learned to stop having. 

Dear Lovely,

This has been so hard for me. I don’t want to break up, but should I? That is my question. I’ve been dating this guy for almost a year now and he says he wants to marry me and loves me, etc. But, I suffer from a severe fear of commitment. We talk about this all the time and we are trying to work through it together. We had this fast and furious love affair in the beginning and all was super good. Flowers…

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Dating: do you have too many rules?

Good morning Project LoveFest! This is an amazing read! There’s a lot of good advice in here I definitely agree with!

Girl Rebuilt

Dating is such an enormous challenge for people coming out of bad, toxic relationships.  We get signals crossed, often don’t pick up on subtle clues and, because we’re still a little flinchy, we try desperately to dodge any future problems by creating a set of dating rules or expectations, just so as not to get burned again. And while a certain amount of protection in the form of guidelines or boundaries is always a good thing, too many will insure that you pretty much never date again. here’s how to cut back on a few of those iron clad rules…

Don’t make assumptions about people before you know them: My mother used to say, Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. And that especially goes for dating. Dating between two healthy individuals is tricky, tricky, tricky, but for those who come from abusive or…

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