November Throwback – Loving Love

The beginning of love is so thrilling. You’re learning all these new things about someone. You’re connecting with someone on many different levels. The possibilities of the future are exciting and bright.

The first time your hands touch, the date that lasts 6 hours, the first kiss, and all the butterflies and sore cheeks from smiling at text messages all day long.

I love hearing about when a guy friend has met a new girl. How nervous she makes him, how adorable he thinks she is, and when he asks for advice on when he should go for the first kiss. This had happened around the time when things were really ending with Stubborn. The excitement and respect the friend had for this new girl right away made it so blatantly obvious that I was settling on the wrong guy (Hilarious irony, it was actually Stubborn’s friend who made me realize Stubborn wasn’t right for me, not my friend).

He knew he had found someone special and he wanted to make sure he did everything right so she would like him enough to stick around. I needed someone who realized my worth and put in the effort.

I’ve experienced the beginnings of a new relationships a few times. It’s fun, exciting, and new. As great as it is, I can’t wait for that part to be over. I want the comfort and security of a long, deep love. A love where it’s safe to share my deepest fears and dreams. You no longer do things to be polite or impress them, you pick up their favorite ice cream just because you care. You wear the same oversized t-shirt every night and fall asleep by midnight on Saturdays. You share every laugh, tear, and burp together.

You watch each other grow and struggle as you plan a future together.

That’s what I can’t wait for.

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