December Throwback – 2017 Q&A

Hey Guys, I had a lot of fun with this! Thanks for the questions and I hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit more about me!

How did you get into poetry?

I actually started when I was maybe 12 or so? I don’t know how, I just remember writing during class and hiding it from friends looking over my shoulder. I’ve tried to stop writing a few times but it’s just a passion that has a mind of its own. I ended up reading an original poem in front of my freshmen class, then submitted poems for the High School literacy magazine (which I didn’t tell anyone about beforehand), and then took two college courses on poetry. It was that last poetry class that I finally thought I may actually be kinda good at it.

What’s the best compliment you ever received ? Bexoxoblog

Wow this is an amazing question and like super difficult to answer hah. For my personality, I’ve been called genuine before which I appreciate people noticing because I value honesty so highly. The other type of compliment I consider great is when people compliment my work and creativity. My poetry is a very vulnerable insight to me so any compliments on it hit deep. And being in a class with other poets and receiving their praise was really surreal.

Which dating app do you like the best?

I think any dating app can be what you make it. You can look for causal fun on Okcupid/match and you can find a serious relationship on Tinder.  In fact, I know an engaged couple that met on Tinder. But for now I’m finding the best quality to be on Bumble. If we looked at stats though, I found 3 of my guys from Okcupid and the other from Tinder.

What’s your writing process?

Some posts come very easily, so fast my fingers can barely keep up. Those are the best kind of posts. The other kind take much longer, sometimes sit half way done for a month or longer till I can come back to it with more material. Either way, I schedule my posts 4-6 weeks after they have happened in my life. It’s interesting to see how things change. For example, I wrote Consequences a week or so before He’s Different was even published. So I knew the harsh ending and yet felt like I should still share the hopeful beginning.

Favorite season and why? Kirascribbled

My favorite season is Spring! It’s just after the cold, dark winter and it really just lifts your mood to have the sun on your face. You appreciate the warmth so much and everything is blooming. It also usually meant school was nearly over and summer was on it’s way, so that was another plus growing up.

Why do you like to blog?

For starters, its cool to get more and more followers and have random people from my life tell me they read my blog and compliment it. Second, I share my inner thoughts in order to help someone else feel more normal, less alone, and to connect. So getting comments from you guys and hearing how much you relate really makes it all worth it (Even if it is embarrassing when my dad starts quoting break up posts at the dinner table)!

For the guys that are in your blog, how do they feel about it?

HAHAHAH I knew this question was coming. So Mr Right knows about the blog and has read it. I think he liked it and perhaps it cleared some things up for him? Plus he’s an amazing guy and I think I wrote about him positively so, I think he’s okay with it..? (Also ladies, he’s still single so hmu!)

I told Stubborn I had a blog, but I don’t think I told him he was in it. He never asked about it nor mentioned that he read it so I really have no idea. His friend might have read some of it? It would probably be for the best if he doesn’t read it since I only really complain about the issues I had with him..(He obviously has some positive qualities, things are never so black and white-they just don’t make it into the posts much, Sorry Pal).

And since Different is most recent (although short lived), I’ll mention him. He read the blog and even read his first article before it was published and before things ended between us. He knew he wouldn’t be able to get me to take it down and he also thought it was really sweet. I learned that he’s super private though (actually the reason he ended things kinda) so I’m sure he’s not thrilled with it and I bet he would like to offer his side of things to how it all ended (if he ends up reading it..).

The way I view these guys is not reality, its just my version of reality. I am one person but I bet they would all view me differently than one another so I cannot define their personalities, just as they can’t define me. And I try to keep a level of anonymity for them.

What’s the most important thing in maintaining a healthy relationship? TheOriginalPhoenix

I love getting asked relationship advice from friends because of the irony haha. But the first thing that instantly came to mind was Communication, and then more Communication! You need to tell your partner things you like and dislike, your future goals, and your values. Issues will certainly not go away by ignoring them (Biggest lesson Stubborn needs to start learning) and not telling your partner how your feeling is a sure way of getting hurt.

The second thing that came to mind was Respect. Respect for each other, for personal growth and space, and for each other’s compromises. It’s important to maintain your individuality which means you won’t always agree on everything. Even during these times, its important to remain honest and talk through issues so that successful compromises can occur and the relationship can maintain a healthy balance.

What’s your favorite poem and article on your blog so far?

I mean I can’t pick just one… So I’ll try to do a top 3


Love the Artist not the Art -Half this poem sat around for months before I found a place for it and it turned out beautifully.

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil -I just thought I was clever with this one lol.

When the Salmon Rots -This one I wrote in college, we had to speak to all 5 senses and I was just impressed with how well it flowed.


Step Up or Step Away – I like how this ended up being a message of strength and control, how you have the ability to step away from a relationship/situation that isn’t deserving of you.

Am I Single or Not? – Majority of my article have a theme, I start talking about a relationship with a guy and end up talking about how the issues are rooted by the relationship I have with myself. I think it’s a great lesson, key to self awareness, and this article is a good example of that.

(I can’t pick a third, feel free to leave your favorite in the comments!)

Are you currently seeing anyone?

HAH, I’ll say this, no one worth writing about just yet..

Thank you for the questions and taking the time to read my responses, this was fun! I appreciate all of my followers and their comments ❤

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