Post Break Up Cliches

There so many Cliches for how people act post break up, here are all the ones I fell into. Let me know in the comments which ones you fell into!


Posting on social media a lot

I wanted to quickly start moving on with my life and put distance between myself and this chapter that had just ended. Visually it helped to see a lot of recent photos being added to instagram. It helped seeing that I was still living life, that it wasn’t over just because my relationship was.


Reconnected with friends  

I didn’t drop my friends when I entered a relationship. There were friends that I had drifted away from for years and it just coincidentally happened that they reached out a month or so after my relationship ended. It was great timing though since I suddenly had a lot more time on my hands. And what can I say, around the holidays there are a lot of reunions lol.


Falling back to what’s familiar  

I’ll bring you all back to 2016 with Stubborn (I cringe even linking this because I was so delusional back then, and now) . He’s a friend for many years that I connected to and he was always a sort of comfort while I was struggling through the dating world. I’m not interested in meeting anyone new but Stubborn is familiar and safe. I wanted a friend and distraction from loneliness.


Trying to lose that relationship weight  

Let’s be honest, we all put on that relationship 20 -40lb. As soon as you get on dating apps you realize that 80% of the profiles mention going to the gym or some form of activity. So single again, you have to start putting effort into your appear. You’re funny, kind, and smart but if we’re honest, a photo doesn’t spell that out for everyone.


Other cliches that I did not fall into:


Hop right back in the dating scene

As they love to say ‘the best way to get over someone, is to get under someone new’. Honestly the idea of talking to someone new, let alone going on a date, is one of the last things I want to do. I’m just not interested. 


Reinvent myself

I still have the same hobbies as when I was in a relationship. I’m not chopping all my hair off or hanging out with a party hard crowd. Maybe some minor changes but I like who I am and when I’m ready, someone else will too.


Cry into a tub of ice cream  

I love ice cream but I don’t need that emotional crutch. I have a lot more free time on my hands but I’m not miserable and sad because of it. I’m focused on my family and school these days and my blog has never been better.


Reach back out to my ex

I had thought a lot about my future with my ex before deciding to end things so I knew that when I was done, I was really and truly done. I had given that relationship all my effort and I realized it wasn’t how I wanted to spend my future. I have no left over feelings or need for additional closure so I don’t want to reach back out again. 



  1. Reaching out to an ex. I can admit that thought did enter my brain, but my reasoning now is way different. I would enjoy being able to have a civil relationship with my ex wife for our daughter’s sake, but, I do not believe she would ever allow that to happen. I do wish her well and that we could let the venom of past expectations finally drain away to see the good people we know we are.

    That for the most part is is though. Currently I am working on me, reflecting on what works well, dropping the things that do not. I know my current marriage is coming to an end, and I am okay with that. I reflected long as to the root cause and it really isn’t one person to blame. Just two injured people that healed together, but one the healing was done, realizing how far apart we are.

    I for one, am looking forward to see where 2020 can lead to. It definitely has allowed me to see the past better for sure!


  2. I think I did all of these at some point after my divorce. Sadly, reaching out to my ex being among them. UGH! The biggest things were throwing myself into outside activities and friends. I always look my absolute best when I’m post break up… losing weight and looking good on the outside is a self-esteem boost that life isn’t over for this girl. 😉 I did the dating thing hard!! *sigh* Didn’t last long, but I went fast in furious is spurts.


  3. I love how you objectively noticed some of the things that tend to happen after a breakup and how you fell into them. I fell into the same ones. Especially the crying in to the tub of ice cream (or Froyo).


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