Blog Recognition (& Liebster) Award

Sooo funny story, I was nominated for three awards this month: Liebster, Blog Recognition, and another Liebster. I thought three different award blog posts seemed a bit excessive so I was going to combine the two Liebsters but they have different rules! Interestingly enough one of the Liebsters and the Blog Recognition have the same rules, so I’m combining those instead. (And after some research, it seems these rules are for the Blog Recognition and my post next week will be the rules for the Liebster).

Part 1 I was nominated for a Liebster Award by super mom, Hermine-Jane. She tells funny, honest, and valuable stories of her experiences being a first time mom. Life is our greatest teacher, and it’s through HookedOn’s storytelling that we find a fresh perspective on what some of these experiences mean and how we can learn from them.

Part 2 I was nominated for the Blog Recognition Award by the driven Jillian. She may be new to blogging but has plenty of experiences to write about between modeling, being a mom, and her travels! I have no doubt her blog will blossom and exceed all goals in her first year!

Why and How I started my blog

I started my blog because I think a lot of people can relate to the experiences I’ve gone through and this was the best way to connect us all. Every time I receive a comment about someone else relating to my post, it makes me so happy because that’s my mission coming to life. Everyone just wants to belong and I think uniting us, gives us more strength to face challenges and improve ourselves (like ditching the guy who doesn’t realize the great woman you are).

Two Top Tips for New Bloggers

  1. Definitely write about what you are passionate about and not what you think will get you the most followers. If you want to write about Anime or Paranormal Fiction stories then do it! Don’t write about something just because you think it will get you the most views or free products. If you love make up and can create really unique looks, then by all means Beauty blog your heart away! Don’t be cool, just be you.
  2. Don’t measure your success with numbers. Views, follows, and likes are cool and exciting but that’s not what blogging is about. Create content that makes you happy and really showcases who you are. Truly expressing yourself will make you far happier than any amount of site traffic. And people will begin to follow anyway when they see how genuine your work is. It could take some time for people to begin to notice your blog so don’t get discouraged by the numbers either.


There are a few steps you have to take as you accept this award:

1.Write a post about how and why you’ve started this blog.
2. Include the person who nominated you into your post, add a link to their blog and a short description.
3. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award.
4. Give new bloggers two pieces of advice.
5. Notify the bloggers you have nominated for this award and provide the link to your post.
And now, the time has come. The bloggers I choose to nominate for the Blog Recognition Award are:

  1. SparklyNerdBlog
  2. Paul McGinley
  3. Mary Job
  4. Married Cat Lady
  5. Sophie-Alice
  6. Unbox Diaries
  7. Wanderlust Amy
  8. Dominika Szeles
  9. Cinnamon and Sparkles
  10. Southern Laced
  11. Missie Stephie
  12. Geeky Beauty Party
  13. AVA Poet
  14. Biblio Bakes
  15. Life of Larissa

*Do not forget to follow the rules presented above.


  1. This is beautiful. I like the idea behind why you started blogging, makes a whole lot of sense. We all experience different things in our life and what better way to share than to blog our hearts out. Haha. My best line is when you said – “Truly expressing yourself will make you far happier than any amount of site traffic” We never know those silently reading, observing and being inspired by our beautiful positive posts.

    Thanks for the Nomination Deb…Keep up the great work. I will do justice to this as soon as possible. Thanks and Cheers.


    1. Thank you, I think everyone finds some comfort in relating to others, even when it’s about some shitty ex.

      Oh yes I love that line! I really got into blogging for the content not the numbers or potential income and I think that line makes sense in every aspect of life. Loving what you do will always make you happier than any salary ever will.

      Aw I’m touched thinking of those we might inspire but never hear from, that’s an excellent reason to keep blogging. I look forward to your post and appreciate this thoughtful comment!

      Liked by 1 person

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