Step Up or Step Away

So there was this girl and her friend introduced her to this guy. And they would talk all night, every night. They went on dates all the time, their favorite being the movie theater. They dated for a few months but it was still pretty new when friends of the girl started hearing that the guy was still talking to other girls.

She was devastated and didn’t want to believe what her friends were telling her but she ended things with Guy because if she wasn’t the only girl in his life then she didn’t want to be in his life at all! They separated for a few months and the distance helped Guy realize he lost someone really special. He did his best to win her back and continues to do so till this day many years later. He stepped up, became a better man, and I don’t think he’ll ever have to be without her again.

Many girls nowadays (myself included) find themselves in a similar situation to Girl, they know a guy who cares about them but he’s worried about failure, getting hurt, or missing out on some imaginary girl down the road. He’s not emotionally ready so they find themselves on breaks or in ‘almost’ relationships, wanting their guy to step up for them. And you know what emotionally unready guys tend to do? They tend to hurt you; They talk down on you to take out their anger, they make plans with you but then ditch, and they make you feel like this minimal effort is all you deserve.

And then these girls are worried that they won’t find someone better, they’re too emotionally attached, or they just don’t want to be lonely so they let these half relationships continue instead of waiting for a guy who truly values them. You deserve so much MORE!

We all wish that our guy will be like Guy, that he’ll realize what he’s lost and he’ll step up. I think that’s the fairytale and not reality. I didn’t tell you about Guy and Girl to get your hopes up. I told you about them so that you might realize when you step away you finally allow yourself to be open to the guy who wants to step up.

Sincerely stepping away is hard and it might take a few tries before you’re really ready for it. You have to cut all ties, delete him from social media, and allow yourself alone time to heal and the bleeding for him to stop. But you (and I) deserve someone who supports, encourages, and respects you.

This isn’t me telling you to step up, this is me telling you I’m stepping away.


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