Signs He Really Likes You

Back over the summer I wrote an article about when a guy isn’t into you, now I want to talk about when a guy IS into you. I must admit, it should be very obvious so if you’re reading this because you’re not sure then whether he likes you or not, he doesn’t like you as much as you deserve. But anyways, first:

He tells you how he feels (like I said, super obvious). He’ll tell you how happy he is when he’s with you, he’ll compliment your humor, personality, talents, and looks, and he’ll text you randomly saying how something reminded him of you and he had to let you know.

Of course, some fu*kboys are all talk and will tangle your heart with words about ‘our future’ and ‘what will we name our babies’. But then they only want to hang out at 3AM after they went out partying with their ‘boys’. If he really likes you, he wants to spend time with you wherever he can. He wants to take you to dinner, to a concert or park, on the couch in sweatpants, and to the diner for pancakes. Morning or night, sober or drunk, fancy event or ripped sweats, he wants to see all of you because he values you much more than a late night ego boost. There’s no game of waiting for the weekend to go out to the bars, he’ll text you Wednesday night to come watch Survivor or make a late night Diary Queen shake run.

You’ll spend a lot of time just the two of you but he will also make plans so that you can meet his friends/family. You will not be kept secret or hidden. Instead he wants to make sure other people in his life get to meet this awesome girl who’s been making him smile at his phone like a goon all the time. He wants to integrate you into his life, not separate you.

Lastly, is the signs of his emotional investment in you:

When he really likes you he wants to remember all the information and little details you tell him. He’ll ask about your family, your favorite TV shows, which foods you’re addicted to. He wants to remember how you take your coffee so he can surprise you with a cup just because.

Whether he’s buying you jewelry or just a random coffee at Starbucks, he’s wanting to give you things that will make you happy. Aside from the financial part of buying a gift, there’s also the emotional load of picking out a gift, debating between colors and options, and the stressful nerves wondering if he’s picked the right present to impress and please you.

But aside from the little details, he also wants to know the deep and heavy stuff too. Not every day can be good and fun, but he’s going to stick around anyway. He’ll ask for embarrassing stories, sad memories, and your fears about the future. He wants to hear about the crappy days and comfort you however he can. He’s emotionally invested and your comfort and happiness are important to him.

You deserve love and you deserve someone who can give you the type of love you want.


  1. Great article. I would also caution for those of us who are online dating – if you haven’t met the guy yet and his MO is as set out above, it will hook you in. Dater beware! Until you meet a guy for real a bunch of times …. don’t be fooled by the love talk.

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    1. Yes beware of love bombing and catfishing – both prey on vulnerable people or those new to online dating and bombard them with compliments, messaging 24/7 and other over-the-top attention. It can be exhilarating and intoxicating but it isn’t real and the real intentions will soon become apparent. Sociopaths and narcissists are everyone online. But there are some good ‘uns too.

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    1. Can’t speak for all women, but I would say it varies depending on the person and what they want from you. I never use a script or a format … I simply respond to the interaction spontaneously. Good, bad or indifferent.


    2. I know everyone has different love languages so I try to give love back the same way I get it, whether thats through love letters or small gifts. But I think some standard pillars for a woman liking you would be wanting to spend time together, wanting you to meet the important people in her life, and remembering the little details about you.

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    1. In my experience both with good guys and jerks etc, I have to disagree. Men have been very easy for me to read thus far including my husband. I find women far more complexed and confusing. As a female I don’t understand females. I am not a woman hater, I just don;t understand my own gender. :/ As for the male gender, maybe I lucked out?

      Like even when an ex or guy I met had another motive, I eventually caught them before I could get hurt because they weren;t as sneaky as I thought they were.

      For the most part men are pretty straightforward and I never liked females asking me questions like if a guy liked them because the guy made an innocent flirtacious joke towards them but outside of that never asked them out, told them they liked them or paid them much attention for one example. I’d be like no if a guy likes you he will go after what he wants, he will make the time and he will get a hold of you.

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      1. I’m definitely not saying that men are hard to read. Sorry about the misunderstanding. I’m just saying that it has never happened as it states in this article. It would have to be an exceptionally romantic guy for it to happen like this!

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      2. Ok, that makes sense. I think the most confusing thing is that the guys I date might do one or two of these but I still doubt they are very interested. I don’t think it’s clear. People have busy lives – I don’t think one’s interest in someone else is transparent.


  2. wow! honestly, i’m a fan of love but scared of getting hurt again ’cause i’ve been there over and over again… And i just wanna say, thank you for reminding me that i deserve not just a boyfriend but love in form of a man… I must say again, good job! xx


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