How Do You Meet Someone if You Don’t Party

The New Year is just weeks away and I know there have been plenty of holiday parties as well. Friends are on school break and family travel to gather together during this period. This is prime party season and you know your friends are going to want to drag you out to the bars. But maybe the party scene isn’t for you and you know you don’t want to find your future significant other at the bar. So where do you find them?

If you love doing something, you’ll probably want to share your passions with your SO. So join the gym, the hiking club, or that pottery class. For starters, you’ll be super happy digging into your hobby and honing your skill. You’ll learn new things and hopefully meet new people while you’re at it. Maybe you’ll form chemistry with a special someone as you gush to each other about the new trail the club conquered last weekend.  I always second guessed myself when thinking of joining a new club and I think I missed out on a lot of fun and new opportunities by overthinking it. I hope you find the courage where I didn’t.

But if you’re hoping to stay closer to your comfort zone then this next idea might be more your speed and you’ve already done half of the work. You already have friends and they have other friends and those friends have friends. Your networking circle just quadrupled instantly and it’s time to explore the new dating pool! Your friends may know of a singleton who might share some of the same interests and values you do.

But maybe all the guys your friends know are sooo not your type. That’s okay because there’s a big dating pool right at your finger tips. Online dating opens you up to so many new people you would never have met or ran into otherwise. With dating profiles you can openly write what you’re looking for and things that interests you. This makes dating a lot easier than talking to a new person at the bar every weekend only to find out at the end of each night that he’s just not the one for you. Of course, not everyone is interested in dating apps and that’s okay. You can combine option 1 and option 3 by joining an online community of your interest/ hobby. Here you can chat with like minded people about things you enjoy and you may even discover a special connection.


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